Yura sharing her chocolate with Minah.

make me choose: minah or sojin

make me choose: hyeri’s short hair/hyeri’s long hair // requested by anonymous

could you please link me to the video of that first gif from the last gifset you posted? i'm new to girl's day and i haven't seen that vid yet haha

you mean this one? ah good welcome to the girls day i wanna say world but that’s cheesy \o/ 

Could you link video when Minah didnt know the name of a song in english? Thanks!

here you gooo

minah’s english // requested by anonymous

Make me choose: SoMin (Sojin & Minah) or YuRi (Yura&Hyeri)

alrighty ^^

and this’ll be the last one of these i’ll take okay. 

make me choose: minah off-stage/minah on-stage // requested by anonymous

Do you still take the "make me choose"? If yeah then short or long hair Hyeri?

i said i would only do the first 5, but i didn’t get a lot so yes i’ll do this for you ^^