make me choose: minah or sojin (requested by h-akushi)

hi do you have the link to the full episode(?) haha idk when minah (in one of the gifs) was participating in some kpop star olmpics? thankies:D

i only have this right now, i don´t have my laptop where i have it saved D: but i hope that is good enough 

aiyuni said: have fun~

suxgkyu said: good luck!!! have fun ;u;

kmikase said: y tumblr app is so bad, GL in spain

thankies, i will <33 the tumblr app is death but luckily she has a computer which i can use sometimes, i´m using it rn :-)


Girl’s Day + aegyo

just a heads up, i’m going on to be on a spanish exchange this whole week, so i wont have access to my laptop or computer = no photoshop. so i can’t be making anything or taking requests until i return on sunday </3

i will almost definitely have internet tho, so i will be updating, just not making anything ^^ 

oh and i’ll only have mobile tumblr which is the worlds shittest app so if asks don’t come through or aren’t tagged, that’s why 

*sigh*! yes that's what i meant... i think i have SoMin on the brain, i'm sorry! and thank you ^^'

ha no need to apologise, dear anon, you’re very welcome. somin is rare and precious <3

do you have a link for the sojinXminah vid you just posted? i've never seen the whole thing!! and i want to, for... reasons.. ^///^ thank you!

do you mean yura x hyeri? if so here you go. and yep, we don’t need a reason to watch wonderful hyera action :^) 

make me choose: sojinxminah/ yuraxhyeri // requested by anonymous

make me choose

anonymous asked:

          apink’s eunji or gsd’s minah?


Keyota Bias Edit - 6 / ? - [MINAH] Fancam