Title: Yura's Rap Development
Artist: Yura (Girl's Day)
Played: 1972 times

Minah & Hyeri for Lady Kyunghang November 2014 Issue

just to let you guys know i will be on holiday this week, so until i’m back next tuesday i wont be able to gif since i’m only taking my ipad/phone and not my laptop, so you know if you’re missing my flawless, amazing and superior gifs, that’s why. adios c:

elfketchup said: Charm and wit. :3 (also the sausage has its own appeal)

it’s all the sausage lbr

and minah, i feel like minah’s quite important to my follower count pmsl

representative sasaeng here yo o/ i'm not bothering you, am i? i want to clarify more thingies. It's not HARDCORE STALKING u know? When i realize i'm laughing at your tags and that sausage thing (i'm shameless)

ofc not, omg i love when people talk to me do not be shy. and pls don’t be worried there’s only so much you can actually stalk me via tumblr pmsl and i’m like totally o<-< you read my tags i embarrass myself in them 90% of the time

but why do you want to go to brazil anyway?

i’ve never been to a south american country, it’s just somewhere i’m really interested in going, it’s so far from where i live and usually go on holiday and there look like there are some fun aspects of culture.

and i'm from brazil and I want to go to London so can we switch places for a week or smth please

omfg yes how can we arrange this i would love this, can we make it a month or something as well ><

do you know where we can watch the full episodes of the female eps of real men w/ hyeri?

you can find them here but they’re not all subbed.