minah x food

minah was deeply hurt when she broke her hair clip

Anonymous said:
you must be a bit jealous come on

of course i am , but i’m also realistic


ygism said: but usually they lie and shorten the relationship length so they may have been going out for longer in reality than just two weeks :) either way they’re so cute together though omg

mhm, i agree, but in this case i don’t see how saying it was only 2 weeks would help them, but who knows \o/ i’m wishing them the best

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Anonymous said:
they look cute togheter dont they

hell yeah this is adorable, i love that she’s in platforms as well and she’s still tiny


take care of her man or you’re gonna have an angry elly knocking down your door xoxox

nah i’m joking c:

or am i

Following much confusion, Girl′s Day Minah′s agency Dream T Entertainment stepped out to confirm that Minah and soccer player Son Heung Min actually are dating. The agency cleared everything up with an official pre release.

"We checked with Minah, and heard that she met Son Heung Min twice with good feelings. They became friends through a social network as fans, and started to really see each other before Son Heung Min left for Germany," the agency said in the release.

It added, “Minah was worried that confirming the relationship when they just started it after seeing each other just two times would be a burden on Son Heung Min and Girl′s Day. This is especially because Son Heung Min will soon be competing in his league and Girl′s Day is currently promoting.”

It then apologized, “We want to apologize to the fans and press for causing such confusion.”

source: MWave

minah i just


smh netizens




Girl’s Day Bang Minah (21) has been confirmed to be dating soccer player Son Heungmin (22)!

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