140925 ♡ Busan Fashion Week
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sojinsdai5y said: ( ̄. ̄).. Yes you are absolutely right. Basically all if them are doing the same thing lol

lmao but to me it actually looks like they are on top of each other? which they can’t be.. right idk i’m just alksdhglkahdf

someone tell me wtf is happening at 2:15 is that an optical illusion or the most thirsty human pile on in history

idk her..

coming home to ten new fancams is the life

140925 ♡ Busan Fashion Week
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  • 141001 ♡ Minah Twitter Update

@Girls_Day_Minah: 아빠를빌려드립니다 포스터촬영중. 틴트선물받아서 기분좋게 촬영을했음 헤헤

@Girls_Day_Minah:  In the middle of filming for ‘Dad for Rent’ posters. I received tints as a gift, so I filmed in a good mood hehe

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Minah to host at 2014 Asia Song Festival

On November 2nd, Minah will MC alongside Block B’s Zico and Super Junior’s Leeteuk.

[source: korean | translated]

zombie yura wants to eat hyeri’s brains ٩(×̯×)۶